Frequently asked questions

How Do I Schedule a Bra Fitting?

Bra fittings can be scheduled under the "Fittings" tab. If you are local to the Geneva, IL area, bra fittings are conducted complimentarily on-site at our store location. If you require a "Virtual Fitting" there is a $25 non-refundable booking fee applicable.

Why Can't I Find a Comfortable Bra?

80% of all women wear an improperly sized bra, which results in discomfort. Bare Moxie carries a wide range of sizes and styles (both wired and no-wired options), to help our "Moxie Girls" find the fit, style and design that best suits them.

Why Aren't My Bras All the Same Size?

It is not unusual to have your band or cup size vary a smidge depending on the brand and style of bra you have elected to wear. Some brands absolutely cut a tighter band, or a deeper cup - which will cause you to have a need to adjust accordingly. The fitters at Bare Moxie are familiar with fit of the bras that we have elected to carry, so can help guide you to the proper size for your specific body.

How Does a "Virtual Fitting" Affect my Return?

Because so many of our customers wear an improperly sized bra daily, we cannot assist you in finding a comfortable solution, without taking the time to "meet" with you - in person or via a "Virtual Fitting". If you elect to shop on your own, the risk of purchasing a size that is not accurate is much higher - and beyond our control - therefore any returns would be issued in the means of an store credit (which never expires) only.